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It’s the Great Blog Post, Charlie Brown

September 15, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, and those of you who identify somewhere in between those points – I have wonderful news to bring to you! (A few weeks late, granted, but what are a few weeks between Internet friends?) I would like you to bring your virtual hands together in welcoming the newest Ecotones into our midst, and, if you are of a mind, to pray for them because we older members are really very strange people. Forrest Burks, our Archivist, for example, sometimes travels around the rehearsal space on his knuckles like an ape. Just saying.
Anyway, new members! We are more than pleased – ecstatic, really – to present to you Leslie Gostin (Soprano), Rebekah Packer (Alto), and Anna Zuver (Alto), who are pretty super people. This semester we had to bid adieu to Cari Hipp and Ross McLeod (both sacrificed to “the real world”), Ashley Na (sacrificed to an obscenely busy schedule), and Michelle Todd (temporarily sacrificed to studying abroad in Oxford, England), so it’s just as well that this influx of new ‘Tone splendor has washed over us.
That said, it’s about that time of year again – this weekend, for the annual Fall Retreat, the Ecotones will pack up their metaphorical and literal baggage to head up to a cabin in the middle of the woods somewhere to practice their repertoire, play some games, and learn to coexist peaceably. As far as I know, unicorns and Death Eaters spring into existence on the second night of the retreat and gift us all with superpowers, because last semester I was mildly ill and deeply unconscious by that time and I like to think that improbable, exciting things happened. What a blast.
Finally, Eugene Odum, the founder of the Odum School of Ecology, will be turning one hundred years old on September 17 – or he would be, if he were alive. Which he is not. In any case, the Ecotones will be singing Happy Birthday at his posthumous celebration on Tuesday in our first gig of the semester! It totally counts as a gig.
I think that may actually be all, folks! I have successfully killed half an hour productively and you now know more than you did about what going on in the Ecotones’ world. Unless you are Administrative Director Evan Conaway, in which case you already knew all of this. Hi, Evan.


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